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Dear Yuletide Writer

Firstly, thank you I suppose for taking your time to read this and get a better idea of who I am and what I enjoy. My tumblr is probably a better place for a more current snapshot of my fannish interests, however here and my AO3 are reasonably decent at outlining my general fannish proclivities. (Here is a little outdated however.)
Dig into my AO3 bookmarks or my tumblr fic rec tag if you really want to know what I like. (Or if you're procrastinating.)

  • I will give most things a chance aside from: High School AUs, falling in love plots and plot that has porn or vice versa.

  • I don't mind porn or explicit scenes, I just don't like an explicit scene in the middle of a more emotional/plotty fic to read like porn and I don't like my PWP to have too much plot or emotional context (beyond expressing consent of course) to bookend it. While I'm not comfortable listing all my kinks here, if you do feel compelled to write PWP for any of my fandoms, you can't go wrong with size kink or threesomes. Or turning the porn that was in a plot to fluffy coital/post-coital nonsense.

  • I'm okay with slash, femmeslash, het, poly, everyone is single, whatever. I don't like pairing the spares however.

  • Tropes are fun! Baby fic, pretend marrieds, someone is turned into a cat, fairytale mash up, all those things are enjoyable and great.

  • Crossovers, fusions and AUs are things I find awesome. You can see a map of my crossover headcanons here.

  • I'm not very fond of omegaverse unless it's are managed in a very particular way and address issues of consent clearly. I do not read D/s 'verses unless it's merged with omegaverse in a certain manner. Think more how wolves actually pair up (alpha/alpha, beta/beta, the alphas always get to pup but lower ranked pairs don't unless hunting is good), literal pecking orders in birds and how some species of fish change gender depending on the ratios of the shoal. I have a tag on my tumblr which contains some of my headcanon on the subject of an omega & Dom/sub 'verse. None of the following fandoms have strong Omegaverse, but I am very picky with what I read in this 'verse, so if you absolutely would love to write something A/B/O for one of them, please read a bit into what I prefer.

  • Little science-y or historical diversions/details are interesting. If you've done research for a thing, I don't mind seeing some of the more technical details come through. I'm a little bit more wary about political viewpoints however.

Bulletproof likes include: AUs, fusions and crossovers! In depth looks at how those altered mechanics change things especially. Fluff! Platonic, familial or romantic, I don't care. Children! Whether it's babies or some accident concerning deaging; pre-canon, accidental adoption or they have kids at some point anyway, they're all cute. Female friendship! Women and girls talking to each other about books and politics or men and makeup, guarding each others asses or having a competitive rivalry. OT3s and/or polyamory! Sharing time nicely with their partners or just plain soppy love puddles. Magic! Discussion of, exploration of and academics of.

Dislikes: Dub/non-con, rape (past rape/dub-con experiences are okay if they're mentioned in passing, especially given some of the histories of characters in the fandoms I've requested, but dub/non-con situations in fic or past situations explored fully are no goes), BDSM, whump, death-fic, D/s-verse, in general anything with the express purpose of causing angst.

Below are the fandom specific wishlists/optional details are optional. These details and wishes are specifically if you don't have already have a bunny that you believe that I may enjoy or wish to write something special just for me. A lot of it is already copy and pasted from what I filled out in the AO3 form. I give options for both specified characters as well as more general prompts and wishes.
Some fandoms I am a bit more exuberantly enthusiastic about, but please don't let that deter you if you are more familiar with one of the other fandoms listed.

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

I fell in love with Night Circus via the Failbetter game first, so I'd really enjoy exploring the circus, the attractions and the people who work them. Exploring how Bailey brought the circus through to the present with the email address and so forth would also be interesting.

If exploring ships is more your thing, I ship all the obvious ones (Celia/Marco, Hinata/Tsukiko, Bailey/Poppet/Widget) and a slightly more obscure one (Celia/Isobel), but my absolute favourite is Bailey/Poppet/Widget. I want to see how those three work and what Poppet and Widget do at the circus now they've grown up and what Bailey's job entails.

All the other ships I kind of adore their shipwreck quality, how you know they're going to end badly and how fated everything is.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)
Mina, Gretel

I love this fandom, I really do. It's such a B-movie, but I adored the clockpunk aftermath of the fairytale the trailer presented and it only got better after watching Hansel and Gretel in action. A bit disappointed at the lack of actual clockpunk, but still satisfying.

Sadly, there's all of two seconds interaction between Mina and Gretel in the extended cut, but something with those two characters would be awesome. I don't care if it's AU, smut or gen, if it's simply Mina asking Gretel about her brother or Mina teaching Gretel how to use magic. Just something with the two of them, as I believe there was a missed opportunity in the movie for them to talk to each other. Retcon what happened to Mina, swap Hansel and Gretel's place in the attack on Augsburg, whatever tickles your fancy.
I'm also interested in Adrianna's story and Hansel and Gretel's childhood, so fluff or backstory is also welcome.

If you'd rather write something about Hansel, I steadfastly believe that men can be witches too. (I'm also a-okay with a Hansel/Gretel/Mina relationship.)
I'm okay with Hansel/Gretel incest, although I'm not entirely sold on penetrative sex between them especially if contraceptive teas or spells aren't involved. (I know sheep gut condoms were a thing, but they were sewn up and were reusable to an extent. If you're completely fine with the movie having insulin and folding shotguns, contraceptive teas and spells are entirely plausible.) Be inventive! Maybe inter-crural and inter-mammary sex features a lot, maybe Gretel pegs Hansel or they just have lots of oral and manual/mutual masturbation sex.

Much more interesting however is their relationship in the face of witch hunting. Is the reason why Hansel is so awkward with women is because he's used to treating Gretel like an equal and not some docile pretty thing? How did they deal with puberty? Were they both virgins before Augsburg? Does Gretel sometimes rub it in Hansel's face that he shouldn't eat too many sweet things and tease him by eating tarts and cakes in front of him? Do they have any 'hobbies' beyond thinking up new weapons for themselves?

I will also love you forever if you include grenades or other incendiaries if there's a battle scene involved.

Wallander (UK TV)
Anne-Britt Hoglund

I fell in love with this series because it is so intensely pretty. It has a very Scandinavian aesthetic, even if the accents are off and suffers a little from 'only 100 British actors syndrome'. That all doesn't translate to fic very well though.

I'd prefer something non-angsty relating to Anne-Britt before the events of season 3, but anything to do with the team at Ystad police station would be welcome. The team's relationship with Linda and how they generally treat her like family is a favourite aspect of the show for me too. Slice of life would be perfect if casefic is hard for you, focusing instead on the routine of a case rather than its details and how everyone in the team contributes to the result.

If Anne-Britt and the team aren't your thing, The Dogs of Riga was one of my favourite episodes and I'd love to see something that further explores recent European history from the early 90s to the current day and the impacts it has on a case or cases. That is very research intensive, so I completely understand if you don't write that.

I'm completely on board with any crossovers you can think of for this fandom, especially anything you can connect via Interpol or gang-related activities.

Doctrine of Labyrinths - Sarah Monette

The Kalliphone and her husband. Thamuris. Methony. Joline. I'd be happy with any in depth exploration of those characters.

Brotherly fluff is another thing I'm a huge fan of. Something a little happier and less angsty that canon. After Corambis or maybe there were some times in those years in the Mirador they spent together that weren't too bad.

I'm okay with incest in this fandom too, however I'm against penetrative sex here as well. Mostly because it'd utterly fuck up their relationship and I kind of just like them hugging each other and maybe kissing and giving each other handjobs. They need some happiness.

I'd also be mildly interested in seeing AU takes on the series and crossovers. French revolutions/Les Mis fusion-AU or exiled-from-exile-in-England to a lighthouse in New England (and thus Sleepy Hollow) if I'm being very specific in crossovers/AUs. But anything from daemon AU to modern day bookshop AU would be okay. (Just no gang/Mafia AUs or chef/food service AUs.)

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Dorothy "Dot" Williams, Phryne Fisher

Another fandom that I fell into because it was intensely pretty. The costumes are gorgeous and okay, I laugh a little sometimes at a few of the accents. (I'm a New Zealander! I have to!)

Female friendship! I don't care if you do something platonic or non-platonic, I love Dot and Phryne's protectiveness of each other. Jane and Mac are also welcome appearances, as is Hugh. Because Dot/Hugh is the most ridiculously adorable thing ever.
Dot getting flustered over Phryne giving her advice/giving her a dress which is just a bit too short/etc. is entertaining. (Just no... explicit advice or demonstration? Partially because I don't think I could get over my second hand embarrassment for Dot...) Dot and Hugh being fumbly and terribly proper with each other and Phryne doing her best to get them to loosen up a little is another theme I love.

A nice little mystery for Dot and Phryne to solve together would also be cute. So would an actual Christmas fic, what with Dot's Catholicism and Phryne's general agnosticism. In particular their opinions as to what gifts and activities are appropriate for the day. (Does Phryne suggest they go for a Christmas swim at the beach? Or does she acquiesce to sherry and brandy around the piano for carols and hymns?)
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