Chloe-girl (grass_angel) wrote,

Reaching hands

Title: Reaching hands

Day/Theme: Nov. 26, 'a thinking woman sleeps with monsters'
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairing: Izumi
Rating: PG


Every night they came, horrendous visions of what lay beyond, in that dark space filled with void.

It was no lovely sight to fall asleep to, though if there were any other she would have gladly chosen it. It reminds her of what she has done and that at least she is alive. Leaves many things behind to ponder over, to regret.

Regret is a good thing in her opinion, keeps her humble and sane. Lets her fall asleep at night, her nerves frayed and heavy.
Lets her sleep and dream again of dark hands reaching out and wanting, wanting as badly as she does.

Tags: 31 days, fanfiction, fma, fma: fic
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