Chloe-girl (grass_angel) wrote,

Always there

Title: Always there

Day/Theme: Nov. 28, 'father figure'
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters/Pairing: Roy, the Elrics, Hawkeye
Rating: PG-13


He was there for them and they never forgot it. He made sure they never forgot.

Every birthday celebration they had, he attended; every occassion they landed in hospital, he visited; every time either one of them had problems with a girlfriend, he was there to give advice.

Whenever Hawkeye threatened to shoot their balls off, Roy was there to defend them. When he got blamed for something, they were his back up.

They were a dysfunctional family that wasn't related, although they were closer than most.

They grew used to his familial presence, so used in fact, that when he wasn't there, they both missed that concerned gaze and ghost of a hand pulling the blankets closer.

Tags: 31 days, fanfiction, fma, fma: fic
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